What is the logo?

What is the logo symbol?

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It’s three slip-boxes with connections that you cannot perceive.


Wait really? Interesting!

Is there a story behind the design? Who designed it?

I think it was designed by the founder: Tiensonqin.

thread copied from Chinese forum (Logseq Logo - 分享 - Logseq 中文社区):
This is the early stage icon meaning “log sequence”, where “log” here denotes different blocks, like a man walking. He thought this icon was a bit too complicated and ugly.
Then he simplified it.

In the Chinese forum someone also proposed other prototypes:


Oh, I really like that second one from the forum!

The current design reminds me of blue’s clues for some reason, lol. Which is fine, I’m just a fan of clean and simple.

It’s neat to learn about the history, thank you!