WYSIWYG editor as a plugin?

Is it possible to implement a WYSIWYG editor in logseq as a plugin? Has anyone ever tried it?

I’ve asked about WYSIWYG mode before here in the forum, in terms of it being included in core.

However I recently realised that perhaps it could be developed as a plugin, since this seems to be a fairly compartmentalized aspect of logseq (in the sense that it wouldn’t need to change anything about how blocks are described within the app).

I’m not a developer though (amateur copy-paste weekend coder at best), so I apologise if my question doesn’t make sense!

Also, I’m doing this as a new post because I haven’t found a plugin request for this elsewhere. If I missed it please let me know.

Not only your question makes sense, it would be a good idea to have a toolbar for editing.
And until having it in the core, making a plugin is a good idea.

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I’m second guessing if I should post this because I can’t share the code/plugin yet as I’m not a web developer either (though I have some experience in Python) and the code is very messy and slow and unoptimized, but I started developing an editor similar to Obsidian’s as a proof of concept. I managed to put together something that’s functional but

  • loading the editor is a bit slow. also, editing a new block will load a new editor. so it’s kind of slow.
  • it replaces the default basic text editor entirely, so functionalities that rely on it will not work (a major one is the slash menu).


In case there are actual web developers interested in doing the same and have more skill and free time than me, I used codemirror 6 for this, which is also the editor framework Obsidian uses.

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Looks like a great proof of concept!

Nobody has every tried anything close to that, as far as I know.

Let me know of there is any way I can help without being a programmer - maybe mock up something (I know, not very useful).