Add multiple selections (multi cursor) feature in Logseq

This is a very convenient setup that greatly reduces mechanical work and saves a lot of time.

I’m talking about mass editing function via Alt key like in Obsidian, VS Code, Sublime Text.

There are many scenarios where this can be of great help:

  • To remove or add a sign in several blocks at once with a single click.

  • To remove many extra spaces and line breaks with a single click.

  • To bold or oblique the same term that is repeated several times on the same page.

  • And more…

Agree. This is probably the 3rd biggest missing common modern text editor functionality in Logseq (after [Partial Done] Add tabbed windows to desktop client / Multiple instances of Logseq and Find and replace a word in multiple occurrences).


So this feature does not exist yet right?

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It does not exist yet.

Was just thinking about this today. Would be game changing. I’m surprised this doesn’t already exist tbh. I’d like for example, to very quickly jot down a bunch of to dos off the top of my head, then select them all and convert them to todos.

One work around could be to allow a shortcut or something that’ll open the current document in VS code. That would give you all the power of VS Codes editor and an easy way to access it.

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Just found out that at least this is possible by selecting all the lines that you want to convert to TO DO items and then hitting ctrl+enter which is the default keyboard shortcut to cycle todo status.

I’d like to add that the multi-select doesn’t allow hitting ctr+click to deselect already selected items. This would be really helpful.

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this would be a useful feature to have