Change language spellchecker desktop app

Hi, I’m new here and wanted to know if there is any way to change the spellcheck language in the desktop app. I speak Spanish and I use the app for academic matters so I need to have a spell checker handy.


Tienes que modificar el archivo “Preferences”, la ruta en windows es: AppData\Roaming\Logseq


Thanks for the tip!!. It worked great for me by just adding ,“es” like this .

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Cómo se usa el “dictionary”: “”

¿Si tengo un diccionario o listas de palabras a la mano las puedo poner allí?

Hola, no puedo encontrar lo que dices puedes ser más especifico


Gracias. En linux el archivo quedo en ~/.config/Logseq/Preferences

la ruta en windows es asi deves comenzar en el disco C: > usuarios > tu usuario > AppData > Roaming > Logseq > Preferences

lo abres con un editor y pones lo siguente

he agregado:
Inglés de Estados Unidos
Español de España
Español de Latinoamérica
Portugués de brasil

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Go to AppData is in your USER folder but hidden by default, you can select to see hidden items in the VIEW panel of explorer.

Then open and edit the preferences file in the AppData/Roaming/Logseq folder using a markdown editor.

If you’re on Linux, you can search the file using your terminal through the command locate.

sudo apt install locate

This command:

locate logseq | grep Preferences

will return the absolute path to the file, then you can properly edit it.

Hi. I am using both UK English and Brazilian Portuguese. Both dictionaries are working in Logseq, but, oddly, although English words are identified as misspelled, it rarely makes any coherent suggestions, so I still have to retype the correct spelling or even go and look it up. This is frustrating.

For example, I typed “simultanously”, but it does not suggest the correct spelling of “simultaneously” - it only suggests “simultagnosia” (!).

A spellchecker in any other software picks this up, but since installing a second dictionary in Logseq, it is like it became dumb.

Any help most welcome.