Custom spellcheck dictionary and spellcheck languages

Spellcheck dictionary is important. I can select the misspelled words and choose “add to dictionary” in Logseq when enabling Spell checker. But how can I undo “add to dictionary” or make the words misspelled again? So, it’s good to have a custom user spellcheck dictionary like Obsidian’s.

By the way, there is no spell checker in Logseq for Android. Please add it.

Support for spellcheck languages is also important. For example, we can choose American English or British English.

Here is a screenshot about Obsidian’s spellcheck functionality.

Similar: Introduce UI elements to select spellcheckers

Not very similar, spellcheck dictionary is also important :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

spellcheck dictionary:

Thanks, but they are not good solutions. I have found them before posting this feature request. Logseq should officially give a good solution.