Copy/Paste image from MS Teams causes "Large Block"

I’m using Windows 10.
Copy an image from MS Teams and paste it in Logseq.
Sometimes, the image appears in Logseq with a warning “Large block will not be editable or searchable to not slow down the app, please use another editor to edit this block.”
Sometimes, Logseq freezes with high CPU usage.

Screen shot of Journal page:

Unfortunately I don’t have a solution, but this issue is similar to issues I ran into when copying from Outlook. This isn’t the case here (image is inline), but in my case sometimes images end up in the tmp folder. It looks ok in Logseq. Teams might have the same issue.

What is the use-case for inline images in Logseq? Wouldn’t it be better if they were always saved to disk? Images break the search (lots of random strings), they are not separately searchable, and make it impossible to make images first class units of knowledge.

Wouldn’t it be better to have handlers to turn a pasted inline image into a separate file?