Go to Home and Go to Journals point to the same all-journals view. Shouldn't Go To Home actually zoom in onto the today's Journal?

Go to Home and Go to Journals point to the same all-journals view. Shouldn’t Go To Home actually zoom in onto the today’s Journal? Logseq would feel much speedier if, instead of loading duuno how many journals it would just go straight to today’s journal for Go To Home (if the user didn’t define another home, of course).

Or, is it possible to configure, in config.edn, the home dynamically? So that it always points out to today’s journal (zoomed-in on it)?

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I actually tunred this into a Feature Reqest after skinnming through GitHub to see no such request (only some Closed ones that were kind of related)

Ok, being currently on Windows (but on Linux/MacOS I assume it would work the same), I tried created a Page with the date format I have inside Logseq settings (for me it’s EEEE, dd.MM.yyyy), for today being Friday, 01.09.2023 and, although the actual journals page is named yyyy_mm_dd.md, Logseq complains that I have two pages with the same name. I wanted to have EEEE, dd.MM.yyyy.md as HomePage Name so I can have full consistency with how the Page and the Journals will present the Journal day Title in the app.

As a workaround I created a “symlink” (technically it’s a hardlink) to today’s journal as Friday, 01.09.2023 (today) and it works as expected. G H takes me to the Page, wich is actually a “symlink” to today’s journal page. I also have to put the name of the page into the :default-home {:page "Friday, 01.09.2023 (today)", :sidebar ["Contents"]} declaration in config.edn.

Now, letting aside that I would have to create a powershell script to have this done for each new day while also deleting the symlink in /pages for the day before, I wanted to check with you if you know of any way to trigger this script execution relying solely on Logsec executables (something like runs from time to time and on which I can piggy-back somehow the execution of this script -it doesn’t matter if it’s executed every 5 minutes). If that is not an option, then I would have to create a scheduled task in windows to be run say every minute until it detects that the journal page has been created and execute the “symlink” creation command. This is because the actual file doesn’t get created on disk until I write something into it, even if it’s set to use a Daily Template.

So my question is: is it possible to trigger a powershell script execution without relying on the OS? Maybe a java-script that does the same?