Hookmark links to embed images & videos

I often am ok with storing things in the /assets folder, but sometimes I want them to live in other areas of the file system. I use Hookmark to make links to files, but I’d love to embed images and videos as well.

I tried:
video.mp4{:height 48, :width 399}

No luck

I have the local assets plugin but that forces you to use file://, which is not hook://. I want to use a hook because these links are durable and don’t break if the file moves.

Is there a way to make this work?

Currently Logseq and Hookmark don’t play nicely together. We’re aware of the issue, but don’t have the bandwidth to work on a fix at the moment.

There are two feature requests for this already, so we’ll pick it up at some point:

How long will it take to bring the two together? I really need this feature, I love logseq, but because it doesn’t have this feature, I’m forced to stay in obsidian, really waiting for a long time, hoping to launch soon

There’s no ETA for this. Focus by the Logseq team is currently on rebuilding Logseq core so it becomes more performant and easier to maintain. Updates about Hookmark compatibility will be posted to the mentioned feature requests, once this is picked up.

In the meanwhile, we want to support anyone from the community who sees this and wants to take a jab at making Logseq and Hookmark compatible. After all, we’re an open source project. If you need more details (or would need funding), please DM me.

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@@@ LucCogZest Professor, can you contact him? I don’t know how to program

Hello Ramses,
I do not know if you are aware, but «Capacities», an application quite similar to LogSeq but for which you have to subscribe, got a lot of potential LogSeq customers as they prioritised Hookmark deep linking.

Are you sure your priorities are right?
After all, if many potential customers are taken by competitors, LogSeq is bound to die a slow death.
I would very much regret this.

I know that LogSeq is open-source but you, as you seem to be the generally accepted project leader, have the responsibility of making the application user base thrive. Your main instrument in doing so is setting priorities. Of course, I appreciate the friendly atmosphere among users and/or developers, based on respect and support. Still, somebody has to set development directions.

Respectfully yours,

I appreciate the feedback @Pisipojakene, but let’s get one thing straight: I’m not the leader of Logseq. I’m community manager, and I’m on the payroll, but that doesn’t make me the product manager of Logseq.

Like you said, Logseq is an open source company. The CEO is @tienson and we have an engineering team that decides what to build (apart from the community with their suggestions and code contributions).

The team is working hard to make Logseq faster and suitable for collaboration. There are hundreds of note-taking apps out there (Capabilities is just one app that’s new to the scene), so it’s impossible to take inspiration from all apps out there.

Plus, I don’t think not fair to compare FOSS to a closed source app with a pricing model (and one that charges for basic features like task management and linking, which Logseq provides for free).

And yes, we do listen to our users on this forum, in Discord, and in 1:1 user interviews.