John Caron, Agile Coach

I’ve been on this forum for a little while now, but haven’t contributed a lot as I am still in the learning process. I did, however, have an experience I want to share. As an agile coach, I use my “second brain” to keep a wide array of information from many disconnected parts of the organization together.

I was on a call with a company executive earlier this afternoon. As can sometimes happen, the meeting took an entirely different direction than I had expected. I needed information I knew I had but had no idea where I would store it if I were thinking of my second brain as a hierarchical folder structure.

Then it hit me, I can use the linking capability as breadcrumbs to find what I need. I was able to easily do this while conversing with the executive. I got to the information in about 15 seconds. She probably had no idea that I was doing this, but I gave her what she needed without missing a beat.

TAKE AWAY: without the internal linking structure I have build into my Logseq brain, there is no way I could have pulled the info I needed in real time. I am beyond grateful for your product! I finally have a tool and system that delivers on the promise of true knowledge management. THANK YOU!!!


Sounds like a testimony for How to leverage Logseq’s linked structure?

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I like your experience and had similar moments with some of my teams