Logseq and Obsidian.md Colaboration Projects

I found this too, but couldn’t find any reviews from others using it. I want to be sure there aren’t any vulnerabilities, etc (tried contacting author, but not response)

Can someone check the code?

I see a lot of feature requests for Logseq to emulate some Obsidian feature. I get that these products are similar, but they are also different. I like that Obsidian appears to be built atop a plugin architecture where everything, even the core, is a plugin. I like that because it means I can opt out of a lot of cruft I don’t want (e.g. Zotero) but which is integrated into Logseq by default.

Other than that, I don’t like the idea of Logseq becoming more like Obsidian. I like the Logseq user experience better than Obsidian, at this point. So the notion of Logseq doing Obsidian is lost on me.

Now if the Obsidian must-haves are nothing more than plugins, that’s great because that doesn’t impose one person’s view (Obsidian does X better) on the whole community. And if Logseq makes plugins a centerpiece to its design then lots of Obsidian-like things can be supported via plugins.

As far as collaboration goes, I am sure Obsidian and Logseq are cross pollinating but I see no way around having to rewrite features/plugins for both. Basically, all this request amounts to is configurability. Let users choose what things to configure to be more like Obsidian and, with plugins, that’s possible.


Here there is a proposal for a committee or something like that to standardize the syntax of PKMS i.e. extensions to Markdown format:


Logsidian or Obseq? :slight_smile:

If LogSeq will start using subfolders for namespaces it would be a great Obsidian companion!

I wonder if Logseq could switch to a more common and user-friendly format for callouts, aka admonitions.

Obsidian has chosen to follow the syntax created by Microsoft. Github (owned by Microsoft lol) has gone somewhat different.
But all use a modified Blockquote, which I believe was chosen so that it renders decently in markdown processors that don’t understand callouts.

It would be great of Logseq moved away from the org-mode style #+BEGIN (which I’ve always found difficult to remember and type in my org-mode days, even before the better ``` syntax was invented)


I totally agree with you, there is no point in adapting to a universal standard format and creating a dialect-like barrier at the same time.

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