Logseq Logo Community Contest: Voting Thread

:ballot_box: It’s time to vote on the Logseq Logo Community Contest! :ballot_box:

The submissions are in, the clock has stopped, and the finalists have been chosen. With over 50 amazing designs, we’ve paired it down to the top 12. Now we want you, the community, to decide who wins the big prize: being immortalized in time as the official winners of the Logseq Logo Community Contest :superhero:

Oh and of course, there are the cash prizes. Remember:

  • 1st place will receive $1000
  • 2nd place will receive $500
  • 3rd place will receive $300

The vote will run until and through Sunday July 9th (it will close midnight GMT+2). Everyone can vote on up to 3 items, and you’ll be seen the results of the poll after you vote.

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Without further adue, the finalists are (higher resolution available until the end of the contest here):

Top logo entries
  • Option A: Organic connection
  • Option B: Recessed nodes
  • Option C: Upright log
  • Option D: Bold shapes
  • Option E: Neon nodes
  • Option F: Log pencil
  • Option G: Log scroll
  • Option H: Glowing cube
  • Option I: Studious squirrel
  • Option J: Geometric cross-section
  • Option K: Upbeat typography
  • Option L: Triangular dots

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Once again, a huge thank you to everyone in our community who shared their time, designs, passion, and feedback in the submissions thread :slight_smile:


Wooo! I feel honored to be included as a finalist! I love that I am also in such great company. FYI, I wrote about it on dribbble.


We feel honored you took the time to participate! Great job with the logo and congrats on getting to the finals :slight_smile:


I think you guys can do better than this


No offence, but I just wonder the standard of ‘the top 12’, why the others aren’t in the voting list?


Some beauties have been left out, unfortunately. I shan’t be able to vote.


Sorry to be so blunt, but anything besides E or L feels pretty unacceptable to me. A is well meant, but just not clean and crisp. Looking very forward that this fantastic app gets the representation it deserves!


Unbelievable Finalists. But anyway definitely will do the vote. Good Luck


Hey Saafo -

In order to make it easier for people to vote (I believe there were almost 100 submissions by some counts) we paired it down based on a mix of internal voting and community engagement, as outline in the original Submissions Thread post


Winning the Community Contest does not guarantee that we will use the logo, and nor would we likely use it out of the box. With any logo, we would internally (or with the original designer if they prefer) to get the logo to match our own internal vision for Logseq


I like and appreciate your sentiment about winning the Community Contest doesn’t guarantee the logo being used. Not to be a nay-sayer but I was wondering if it might have made sense to pick a “broader” selection of logo concepts and styles to gauge what the community feels? There’s for example B and E that feel quite similar as well as C and F. Just a thought :slight_smile:. Anyway good job on the whole process!


Could you at least include the current logo in the contenders list !!!

I for one honestly think the current one is better then any of the listed one maybe except L maybe.



Hey Jeroen -

Glad you like the current logo! As stated before, this is a community contest, and winning it does not guarantee the logo will become our logo. Personally I felt it would have been a little bit nepotistic to include any internal logos in the community contest. Even if the current logo won, then we would still pay out the prizes to places 2-4, which would mean that the logo only stole votes from the contenders.

We wanted to challenge the community to see what they could come up with, and we’re sticking with the spirit of that!

But your appreciation of and votes for the current logo are noted and appreciated :slight_smile:


Thinking about becoming popular, the ‘log pencil’ is the only design providing a hint of what the application is for (i.e., writing a log).

Everything else are abstract designs which gives no clue (except maybe the squirrel holding a notepad, but that’s too small).

They say a logo needs to be understood in one second; if it takes more than that to decode the design, it is already too busy


C, J, and K have two completely different logos. Which one will our vote be going towards if we vote for one of those?

The interpretation of «log» in Logseq as a piece of wood is so far off, I can’t see why this made it in the top 12.


Those submissions are from the same contestant, so if you like either version then vote for it. This vote is determining the winner of the contest - likely any logo we will assume will go through many revisions, so they will not end up looking like exactly as they appear in the poll.

If you have preferences on which variants you like, feel free to drop a comment!

This was actually something we suggested! Naturally (without our intervention) using a :wood: on twitter became an indicator for logseq, so we thought it would be a nice nod to the burgeoning internet culture.

Personally I think a lot of the log logos came out really nice!