Logseq won't write a modified .md file to disk

I’m on Mac Sonoma, logseq 0.10.7 (81), desktop version, no syncing. I am a non-techie. I open an existing (Obsidian) file in logseq and edit it. As soon as I make a change the following error pops up:

Write to the file /Users/…/filename.md failed, Error: EPERM: operation not permitted, chmod ‘/Users/…/filename.md’

It pops up a diff window which says at the top that the file has been modified on disk (but I open it in a text editor and it hasn’t been modified). It shows me the ‘on disk’ version and the logseq version and asks me to select one. When I select the edited logseq version it repeats the error message and asks me again to select… and repeats.

A bug, or am I doing something wrong?

Liking logseq (except for this).

An update:
When I set up logseq I oriented it with my Obsidian vault. It can open those files and edit them but won’t write it back to same file. But it does create a (logseq-edited) copy in logseq/bak. In fact it creates a folder there under the original file name and writes the edited file there, giving it an incomprehensible name.
So I deleted the bak copy (and its folder) and moved the original file to logseq/pages. Logseq handles it normally there, writing edits back to the file now in logseq/pages.

Evidently all would be well if I will move all my .md files to logseq/pages, but I sure don’t want to do that.
Any way to fix this glitch?

Should I submit a bug report on this (don’t know how to)? But if no one else is experiencing it, it’s not a bug but a problem on my end. I must be doing something wrong here. Any suggestions?

Fixed the glitch where logseq could edit a file not in logseq/pages, but would not write it back to disk.

This thread: making Obsidian play nice with logseq suggests adding the following line to logseq/config.edn:

:page-name-order “files” It worked.

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