Move focus to next block after deleting one

in reading mode, the current block is highlighted, then we can move focus with up and down arrow key.
then, if we like to delete a block, we can simply press BACKSPACE, then we may want to continue the navigation with up and down. however, the focus is lost after deletion.

Thanks for reporting this.
At the moment there are still many situations where you “lose” the current focus. This is a little bit annoying because it it interrupts your workflow.
E.g. when you collapse an outline with the shortcut you also lose the focus.

I also reported similar problems here:

and here:

I hope the dev team will find and fix all those situations where Logseq loses the focus.

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I too wish for a fix to this. The logic of where to shift the selection upon the deletion of a block seems not complicated:

  • deleting a block that has a parent → shift the selection to the parent
  • deleting a block that doesn’t have a parent → shift the selection to the preceding block, otherwise the next block (including the default empty one that is created automatically when the page has no block)
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One has to know the Alt+up and Alt+down sequences to start using effectively navigation in a page, especially after deleting a block, and that is not obvious or easy for a newcomer because there is not any other quick way to select a block before or after deletion.

Here is some feedback about that topic