Problem with Zotero integration for a certain zotero-item

Hej! I basically just started with the zotero integration.
Integrating references worked quite well, but now i am facing the following problem:
There is one item in my zotero library that I can not integrate in logseq. I type /zotero. I click on the “Zotero-button” to “Import Zotero journal article”. The field to search for an item in zotero opens. I type in the author’s name. The zotero-item appears. I click on the item. Everything as usual. But then nothing happens - no new page is created.
This issue only appears for this certain zotero-item.

Does someone have an idea how this problem can be solved? :slight_smile:

In case these things matter:

Is the citation key of this item in Zotero strange in any way?

Where can I see the item’s citation key in Zotero? Is it the first part (“holzapfel_problemlosen_2018”) within a bibfile-item after I exported it the item to “Format: BibLaTex”:
location = {Seelze},
edition = {1. Auflage},
title = {Problemlösen lehren lernen: Wege zum mathematischen Denken},
isbn = {978-3-7727-1060-5},
shorttitle = {Problemlösen lehren lernen},
pagetotal = {253},
publisher = {Klett/Kallmeyer},
author = {Holzäpfel, Lars and Lacher, Martin and Leuders, Timo and Rott, Benjamin},
date = {2018},
keywords = {Modell, Problemlösen, Problemlöseprozess},
I can not see anything strange in comparison to other items that I can integrate.

Yes that is the citation key.

Can you get a colleague to try and replicate this problem on another installation of Zotero and logseq?

I don’t have any colleague available who is using zotero and logseq.
Since I don’t have that many items in zotero yet, I did “Add all zotero items”. Logseq did not show any error. In fact, it said something like “All items successfully imported”. But that one item is still not integrated - I can’t find a page within logseq referring to that certain item. ._.