Problem with Zotero integration for a certain zotero-item

Hej! I basically just started with the zotero integration.
Integrating references worked quite well, but now i am facing the following problem:
There is one item in my zotero library that I can not integrate in logseq. I type /zotero. I click on the “Zotero-button” to “Import Zotero journal article”. The field to search for an item in zotero opens. I type in the author’s name. The zotero-item appears. I click on the item. Everything as usual. But then nothing happens - no new page is created.
This issue only appears for this certain zotero-item.

Does someone have an idea how this problem can be solved? :slight_smile:

In case these things matter:


Is the citation key of this item in Zotero strange in any way?

Where can I see the item’s citation key in Zotero? Is it the first part (“holzapfel_problemlosen_2018”) within a bibfile-item after I exported it the item to “Format: BibLaTex”:
location = {Seelze},
edition = {1. Auflage},
title = {Problemlösen lehren lernen: Wege zum mathematischen Denken},
isbn = {978-3-7727-1060-5},
shorttitle = {Problemlösen lehren lernen},
pagetotal = {253},
publisher = {Klett/Kallmeyer},
author = {Holzäpfel, Lars and Lacher, Martin and Leuders, Timo and Rott, Benjamin},
date = {2018},
keywords = {Modell, Problemlösen, Problemlöseprozess},
I can not see anything strange in comparison to other items that I can integrate.

Yes that is the citation key.

Can you get a colleague to try and replicate this problem on another installation of Zotero and logseq?

I don’t have any colleague available who is using zotero and logseq.
Since I don’t have that many items in zotero yet, I did “Add all zotero items”. Logseq did not show any error. In fact, it said something like “All items successfully imported”. But that one item is still not integrated - I can’t find a page within logseq referring to that certain item. ._.

I have the same issue

I am just guessing that it may have something to do with whether or not your item has the citation key “pinned” in Zotero. Have a look at my post starting this thread Custom page name for a Zotero citation. It gives some references, in particular to Better Bibtex plugin for Zotero.

But honestly, I do not know if this is the culprit of your problems. But give it a try.

Same issue. I have 4 other references that have worked without issue, then one that isn’t cooperating.

I tried quite a few troubleshooting steps, and even deleted the item in Zotero and tried to create it from scratch with a simplified name, etc. No luck.

One workaround seems to be to build up the citation slowly and import it into LogSeq before finished.
I created the item with only a name, author, and date and imported it into LogSeq.
Then I added extra info, URLs, attachments, etc. and imported it again.
In the end this approach worked and the extra information from the first import just needed to be deleted.

Even with this incremental buildup, it’s not clear to me where the breakdown is. Potentially in adding the URL to the top level item. Maybe Zotero is doing something weird with certain characters in it.

Same here. In my case, it may have been about Zotero tags. When I removed them, it was possible to import the item normally. However, there was nothing unusual about these tags - I had imported many items with tags before and everything worked as expected.

EDIT: Ok, I see. The importer has a problem with items that have tags that are the same as page names that already exist in Logseq.

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Thanks, this was driving me crazy