Sticky In-Page Search Results

Let’s say I’m searching through a page of notes for all mentions of “apples.” I get 11 hits. Then I go to the first hit, copy the block embed … and my search disappears. I have to re-do the search if I want to find the second hit, and the third hit, etc.

Basically, I can’t do anything except read my search results without the search disappearing. I need to be able to make search results “sticky” so I can work in the page with all my search results highlighted.

This is somewhat related to my earlier request to have filters for pages, but that is for tags, this is for search.

A neat solution would be to embed the search window in one of the sidebars.

My current workaround is to use a search-query in a scratch page in the right sidebar.

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Exactly what I am doing as well.

Yes. Or even better open a new tab, like with browsers, to have full window width available? This is similar to open a new Logseq window, without performance consequences and no focus shift due to multiple windows.

(Update) Related: [Partial Done] Add tabbed windows to desktop client / Multiple instances of Logseq

IMO this should be a native Logseq feature.