Sync doesn't work

Sync doesn’t work for me. I can log in with the Iphone, but not with the PC.
This error message appears:


I paid $5 via Open Collective.

Hi @Knowledgebase welcome to the Logseq forum!
Checkout this post to solve the issue:

Thank you for being a Backer!

The messages in this beta-sync channel can not be loaded.

May need to accept the Discord invitation first: Discord Then you can visit the beta-sync channel.

Or you may ping the team on OpenCollective instead. But it’s with lower efficiency :eyes:

I don’t get it. I paid at Open Collective with my email. Then I was able to log in to Sync with the same email on the IPhone. There it works. On the Pc I get this error message, although it is the same email. On Discord someone said I could only see the Beta-Sync channel as a backer. The problem now is also that I can’t see the channel even after I accepted the invitation. How can sync work on the IPhone if I am not a backer? It is the same email everywhere.

Are you using Linux?

Yes, I use Linux. I am now logged into Logseq on the PC with my email. But it does not synchronize.

What’s the meaning of “it does not synchronize.”?
Any screenshot / console?

Okay, I don’t know what I did, but it seems to work. Thanks for the help. :crazy_face:

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