How well does Logseq scale?

I am relatively new to logseq, but I have decided to give it go. Currently, I am in the midst of manually migrating from the Archive. I have been using the Archive for several years, and I have accumulated approximately 4,800 separate pages that I have created. The overall size is approximately 200 MB. The first 1,000 pages have already made their way into logseq. So far so good, and perhaps this is just something that I need not be concerned about, but can someone please tell me how well does logseq scale? Is there any upper size limit ? Am I going to experience any performance degradation as I continue to add additional pages. I also periodically incorporate images (jpegs).



Thanks for responding to my query. I will forge ahead with the understanding that the database will continue to improve and that scaling is something the team will continue to work on.

No idea about the scaling as in big number of documents - but that sounds like you have a lot of data to keep, so I hope you saw the multiple forum threads and GitHub issues about Logseq losing data and the lack of response from the devs.

Thanks for alerting me to the data loss issues. Perhaps, I will take the overall migration a little slower than I first had planned. It does sound as if there is upgrade to the database in the works, and perhaps it might be prudent to wait until the upgrade occurs.

Data loss is basically off-topic:

  • It doesn’t happen because of scaling.
    • It is possible to lose the very first note right after entering it.
  • It doesn’t happen when not syncing.
    • Most users have no loss, some of them for years.
  • A backup plan is advisable in every software.
    • There are many other things that can cause data loss.

IMNSHO, data loss is on topic whenever we’re talking about storing data into a program that is supposed to store data. The more data, the more on topic.

It is possible to lose the very first note right after entering it.

Thank you, I think I have no more questions.

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  • You are welcome.
    • I missed your question (if any).
  • In my opinion, the two topics:
    • are both frustrating
    • are both addressed by the expected database version
    • have nothing else in common
  • It is better to focus on one topic at a time.
  • The few data of someone may be more valuable that the multiple data of someone else.

Thanks for clarifying. I do have a backup plan, and you are right, data loss can happen for many reasons. Glad to hear that some users have experienced zero data loss in years.

Has the “upcoming database version” been released? Is there any more information on this? I’m interested to learn more about it. Thanks!

Check Infos on Logseq database version?

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