Control which block properties are hidden in view mode

I like that there are some properties that are built-in and don’t clutter the block when you edit them (task timestamps for example)

But since properties are so useful for custom workflows, it would be nice if it was possible to hide more properties - for example properties added by plugins/templates or custom workflows.

Maybe we can have a prefix that causes the properties not to appear? like an underscore?

Love this idea a lot!

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I don’t want to start a separate thread for this, but I came her to request that we could collapse the block properties, the way one collapses child blocks. Perhaps they could be completely hidden with a symbol that they are there which you could click to expand - or collapse down to just the first property. But when I have more than one it takes a lot of screen space.


Please merge the PR if it looks ok, thanks.


Just merged! Thank you for solving this problem!

Ahh … Now config.edn has another configuration option

 ;; hide specific properties for blocks
 ;; E.g. #{:created-at :updated-at}
 ;; :block-hidden-properties #{}
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I also want to add properties to a to-do block so that I can use these properties in queries, but not display them when the block is collapsed.